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14 december 18:30 - 20:00


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European Double Standards [EN]

how the world is affected by the European Green deal.

The European Green Deal is currently the broadest and most ambitious policy framework of the European Union, aiming to transform the EU into the first climate-neutral region of the world by 2050. But the corresponding policies and measures are facing profound critiques about the lack of an international dimension. The green deal mostly focuses on how to green the economy within the EU, without considering the impact on the planet and on other countries, notably the Global South. The voices of the affected people aren’t heard, and they do have a lot to say. The South – African Women on Farms Project puts up a fight against pesticides, banned in Europe thanks to the Green deal, but still produced and exported to other countries by European companies. These farmworkers are asking to stop the double standard of the European climate policy. And they’re not alone, multiple civil society organisations are asking for change so the new green deal can be more social and fairer. 


Moderator: Kris Vanslambrouck project officer Asia - program 11.11.11 – the coalition for international solidarity in Flanders, MO*-blogger.

Colette Solomon

Colette Solomon (online participation), director Women on Farms Project and passionate feminist. She works together with female workers on South-African wine plants towards better labour rights, housing, and health. Received in July an honouree doctorate from the Capetown University for her lifelong fight for farmworkers and gender justice. She takes the lead in the South-African campaign against the use of European banned pesticides.

Sacha Dierckx

Sacha Dierckx is Economisch Adviseur Energie, Klimaat en Mobiliteit bij het Federaal ABVV, lid van denktank Minerva, Doctor in de Politieke Wetenschappen (UGent) en Master in de Algemene Economie (UGent).

Suzy Serneels

Suzy Serneels, Policy Officer Food Systems Broederlijk Delen - Flemish ngo focussed on rural communities. Bio – engineer and Phd in geography. She addresses policy makers to keep agriculture and food security on the political agenda. She’s an active member of the Belgian coalition against pesticides. 

Barbara Caracciolo

Barbara Caracciolo, international cooperation & sustainable development coordinator Solidar – European and worldwide network of Civil Society Organisations working to advance social. She works on Decent work and International Labour Standards, organisational development, social protection and just transition for the Global South. Active member of different platforms like the SDG-watch, EU-LAT network, or the REALDEAL-project. 

Kris Vanslambrouck

Kris Vanslambrouck is project officer Asia - program 11.11.11 – the coalition for international solidarity in Flanders, MO*-blogger.

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